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dªNny's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in dªNny's LiveJournal:

Thursday, October 26th, 2006
11:06 am
i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier...
wow is work so fuckin boring.. theres only 3 tellers ALL day, and we dont even need that many. its pretty funny that im gettin paid to be online here. i honestly help a customer once every 15 minutes.. lame..
the wind today is makin me all FUCKIN staticky.. and its annoyin
Were goin to Santa Barbara tom. im pretty stoked about that..Saturday night should be fun..for my uncles 60th bday. We all gonna get DRUNK and im gonna have to live @ the gym next week for all the damn alcohol i've consumed this week startin from Tuesday, and tonite @ GasLamp.. wow
By the way.. MyHeritage thing sux ass for guys, me and Nate got the most fucked up lookin niggas on that thing..
ITS SO DAMN BORING!! i could be @ the gym right now, or sleeping, or enjoyin music that is not on KOST 103.5.. kill me now.. ill probly be back on this shit later.. so UNTIL THEN

Current Mood: bored
Saturday, October 14th, 2006
12:19 pm
its been a long time...we shouldnt of left you... without a good beat to step to
yea..so i just got internet access @ work.. and im hitting this bitch up cuz its been a while!
put it this way..i forgot my log in name and password..haha
im pretty hung over...actually scratch that.. i AM hungover, and tired. i got home @ 5 in the mO'nin Yup.. and had to be @ work at 8:45, which i was late for
The Halloween party was pretty intersting.. 5 of us rolled up, my nigga Samir and i knew half the party.. the other fools were not happy to be there.. So the party ends, and the after parties are buzzin like crazzy..
come to find out Samir is havin people @ his house.. RaNdOmNeSs occurs.. and we drink party and bullshit til 4:30 in the am.. ha good times.. i think its OkToBeRfEsT round 2 tonite.. well see what goes down bitches!!

Sunday, August 27th, 2006
12:00 pm
found a box full of sharp objects, what a beautiful day!
well its, sunday..and i can say that this has been one of my SoBeRiSt weekends since turning 21. I'm not complaining, its just weird. Compared to the last 2 weeks of straight drinking, this Friday and Saturday was pretty mild. So u guys that have livejournal know what went on thrs and fri, so let me bring up last night. Quite interesting...
So Paul is one of my really good friends, but we NEVER fuckin chill. I madd flaked on his bday last saturday, because i was drinkin all day @ the Angel game having a lotta fun, and wasnt feeling a drive to Hollywood. So we decided to chill last night.
He told me about some house party where girl to guy ratio was 3:1..im thinkin im down! & save money by NOT goin to a bar. So i go to his house and meet up with 3 of his old Highschool buddies. One of them i met from Vegas. really cool peoples. We dont leave til 11 though, and his friends are giving paul shit about "Yo this party best not be a BUSt nigga" they talk ghetto, its funny.
So we make it to the party..its pretty legit (OK ive officially gotten over that everyone says that shit, and im OFFICIALLY making it apart of my vocabulary..fuck all u haters LoL) it was descent but Pauls homies where on the attack, and there was not much potential for them there, and of course Paul has one fuckin drink and a beer, and he's tossed! so....
we end up bustin a "mish" to Downtown Fullerton..yeap. This time there was NO visit to Rockin Taco (finally). But it was already late, and we literaly went to 4 fuckin bars there. They were all BUSTS, but funny random shit happened in all of the places we went. Pretty funny shit. Drunk AsS grown ladies htting on all of us, ridiculous cover charge for peice of shit bars, and 2 drunk guys gettin into a fight in the middle of the street RIGHT in front of cops.
Ended the night with Albert Tacos (what do u expect i was with phillipinos) ha! All night paul's homies where like "hey my bad dude.. its usually not this bad.. well make it up to u next time.. all that shit!" but i still enjoyed myself.. but in the car on the way home They were all talkin and laughin and tellin stories with eachother... and being out the circle, all i could think was FUCK.. i miss by boys.
Yea cuz they all fuckin left me OuT oF tHe FuCkInG sTaTe.. i feel like im friend repellent. lol nah but wtf? my boys are like my brothers and there all GONE. so ya those guys wre fuckin cool, but all 25, 26. not a big deal, but were at different points in life u know? well i think ill be kickin it with them again..jus cuz i dnt have many other fellas to chill with.
Well BIG JOSH comes back WEDNESDAY!! we should take him to Gaslamp Thursday..Paul takin me to Cohiba's Friday, and then off to LAke ISabella, to go camp and drink with the family!

Current Mood: content
Saturday, August 26th, 2006
2:23 pm
Losing it...
My virginity that is.. to this Live Journal shiiyat. The structure of this site is still a little confusing to me, but i'm sure i'll figure it out. Yeah, I don't know how to add people cuz i'm retarded i guess. I know punkass loser pumps and reeeyes have this thing, so i thought i'd hop on the bandwagon. this is just a trial first entry..yup yup!
there it was!

Current Mood: lethargic
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